The Department of Letters and Numbers


You have a story. We’re storytellers. Let us help you tell your story like only a storyteller can. Our unparalleled research, education, and training, along with over 50 years combined-tenure in marketing and public relations, puts us in the unique position of being able to speak to your audience…from the audience, where people feel seen and important because they’re part of something bigger.

We provide:

Bestseller and Platform Building Campaigns for Authors

You’ve written the next book, and want to make the Bestseller list. Now what? We’ll build interactive campaigns to help you reach the bestseller list, and a platform supported by fans around the globe.

Content Marketing for Brands

You have plenty of content on your site, but people still aren’t reading it. You know there has to be a way to get attention. We’ve got the answers. We’ll help you start a conversation with your audience, so they are heard, and keep coming back for more information,

Content Creation

Short on content for your site? You’re in the right place. We’ve been creating content for everything from Tech Magazines and Fortune 500s, to start-up businesses and bloggers. We’ve got you covered, and are ready to create evergreen content that you can share for years to come.


Have some writing that needs a little punching up? We offer book doctoring, audits, and treatments for your short story, novel, screenplay, tech manual, and so much more. If you’ve written it, we can edit it. Short turn-around times and our hands-on approach keep us the best in the business.


Want to keep your marketing in-house, but know your team needs help? We travel worldwide to help you build your team to suit your specific needs. We specialize in building brands from the ground up, and our services are available to you, no matter if your team is just beginning or has been doing this for years.


We would love to sit with you, online or in person, and talk about how we can help you reach more people with your story.

Sign up for a 30-minute introductory meeting and let’s make something happen.