Flying Circus Weekend Non-Fiction Workshop – October 2018

Nestled in the heart of Cosmopolitan Houston, Texas, the Virgin Voyage of the Flying Circus Weekend Retreat for Non-Fiction Writers is the preeminent destination to take your story to the next level; from hand-written manuscript to published and positioned to rise. In only one weekend, you will learn how to choose a topic, identify your target audience, and build a platform geared to maximize audience interaction, participation,and sales. You’ll also learn how to identify and meet your goals as a non-fiction author – choosing a title and book cover that will sell – and how to position yourself to have a New York TImes Bestseller.

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You will attend weekend sessions that fit your individual needs, and have time to explore Houston’s world-class arts, dining, and nightlife in your free time. Meet  Elizabeth Hamilton and Terra Walker of Flying Circus Media Group – renowned for their Public Relations and Marketing work with best-selling authors. Connect with like-minded writers, and create lasting relationships in your community.

In the break-out sessions, you will learn:

  • How to pick a topic specific to your audience (e.g. Building Your Best Empty Nest, How I Grew from Post-Traumatic Stress, or Fishtank Filters and You)
  • How to consistently engage and reach more people on your chosen platform(s) without making it your full-time job
  • Writing Titles That Sell
  • Book Cover Designs That Sell: From Gaudy to Tasteful
  • Media Kits – Why You Need One, How to Make One, When to Use One
  • Want A NYT Bestseller? Here’s How to Get On That List

There will be swag and perks from event sponsors, so save room in your carry-on.

Complimentary continental breakfast served Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

No accommodations are included in ticket price. We have special room rates for $72 per-night (plus taxes and fees) at the Crowne Plaza Houston – River Oaks USE THIS LINK or call 1-800-227-6963 and book your room under the “Flying Circus for Non-Fiction Writers” group.

VIP Attendees will receive, in addition to regular breakout sessions and perks, will also receive a standard media kit ($300 value), a book cover ($500 value), an eBook format ($500 value), and a seat for you and a guest at the opening night Author’s Dinner.

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