Flying Circus Weekend Non-Fiction Workshop – October 2018

Nestled in the heart of Cosmopolitan Houston, Texas, the Virgin Voyage of the Flying Circus Weekend Retreat for Non-Fiction Writers is the preeminent destination to take your story to the next level; from hand-written manuscript to published and positioned to rise. In only one weekend, you will learn how to choose a topic, identify your target audience, and build a platform geared to maximize audience interaction, participation,and sales. You’ll also learn how to identify and meet your goals as a non-fiction author – choosing a title and book cover that will sell – and how to position yourself to have a New York TImes Bestseller.

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You will attend weekend sessions that fit your individual needs, and have time to explore Houston’s world-class arts, dining, and nightlife in your free time. Meet  Elizabeth Hamilton and Terra Walker of Flying Circus Media Group – renowned for their Public Relations and Marketing work with best-selling authors. Connect with like-minded writers, and create lasting relationships in your community.

In the break-out sessions, you will learn:

  • How to pick a topic specific to your audience (e.g. Building Your Best Empty Nest, How I Grew from Post-Traumatic Stress, or Fishtank Filters and You)
  • How to consistently engage and reach more people on your chosen platform(s) without making it your full-time job
  • Writing Titles That Sell
  • Book Cover Designs That Sell: From Gaudy to Tasteful
  • Media Kits – Why You Need One, How to Make One, When to Use One
  • Want A NYT Bestseller? Here’s How to Get On That List

There will be swag and perks from event sponsors, so save room in your carry-on.

Complimentary continental breakfast served Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

No accommodations are included in ticket price. We have special room rates for $72 per-night (plus taxes and fees) at the Crowne Plaza Houston – River Oaks USE THIS LINK or call 1-800-227-6963 and book your room under the “Flying Circus for Non-Fiction Writers” group.

VIP Attendees will receive, in addition to regular breakout sessions and perks, will also receive a standard media kit ($300 value), a book cover ($500 value), an eBook format ($500 value), and a seat for you and a guest at the opening night Author’s Dinner.

TransEquality Donation Packages

Do you support LGBTQ?

LGBTQ rights are near and dear to the hearts of the Flying Circus Media Group. Founded by a non-binary person, our goal is to employ an intersectional group of writers, artists, designers, and programmers to serve the needs of our clients.

We were recently challenged by Sharon Love to donate 10% of a promotion to LGBTQ rights. In that spirit, we are offering 2 introductory service packages at crazy low prices to introduce ourselves to a new audience and raise funds to help continue the work of

These packages can only be redeemed once by a person, company or organization.

Package One: I Need Content

Five Blogs Posts/Articles (500-1000 words)



Are you tired of scrambling for a blog post? Do you wish someone else would please, please, PLEASE research and write the 500-1000 words you need to keep your website on search engine radar? Maybe you just need a little something spectacular to draw attention to a new product or funnel.

This package gets you 5 researched, edited and proofread articles, including images, for $750.00.  Our writing team has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, with the most iron-clad non-disclosure agreements ever.

Don’t waste your most valuable resource on what you aren’t best at. Let us spend the time to create the content you need to get more clients, make more sales or attract views to your website.

Package Two: I Need to Sell my Book

Four Week Bestseller Campaign Calendar and Posts (campaign strategy and 20 social media posts with images)


Have a book that’s been languishing on Amazon? Do you need social proof to nab an agent or speaking gig?  How would you like to work with a NY Times Bestseller Campaign strategist and get a 4-week plan to increase your book sales and your platform?

This one-hour consultation will result with a game plan for you to create or update your book landing page, create or update your free gift with purchase and laser target the best audience for your book. The $750 includes a one-hour phone consult, a personalized campaign strategy guide and 20 social media posts with images to support the campaign.

You worked hard on that book- don’t let it just sit there. Let us create the campaign that will get you traction on the sales charts.